New disc!
         "Del amor y del juego"
I have just released my first album, made with the most humble and popular instrument of all, the harmonica! Some of these melodies were initially created for plays of the Teatro de Los Sentidos, some have been composed as a family, there is waltz, boléro, blues or bossa nova, a song of heartbreak. It is a small journey guided by the instrument of travelers. 12 themes "Del amor y del juego"
With Chico Ocaña, Joan Pau Cumellas or Francisco Guisado (Rubio) and many other guests ...
"Melocotón" is a bossa nova sung in French, about heartbreak and that carries the recipe for a dish that is usually eaten cold: the revenge! The video is made between Barcelona in black and white and Brazil in color.
"Vuela vuela" is an encounter between the bolero and the sounds of Naples. The voice of Aurora Arenare plays with the harangues of the street vendors of the volcano-city. You should dance it very close. "De hijos y padres" we created it with my son Artur, one day he was playing his guitar, bored as a teenager can be. "Du côté de chez soi" is a jazz song made with Fred Brousse, a great blues guitarist whose mother was my mother's sister. Between the creative maturity of the bluesman guitar and the deep and fragile security of a child's guitar

"Java de 9h15" is one of my first compositions, a Parisian java and those who have had the opportunity to see "Little exercises for a good death" of the Teatro de los Sentidos will have

listened to "Petits exercices", a song with the smell of a port at night. The two are related by a game: How to treat the same melody in a different way. Petits exercices!

PortadaStephane_V4 copie.jpg

"Del amor y del juego" is mixed and produced by Tomás Arroyo (Tomasin) and mastered by Yves Roussel.
The harmonica has always followed me through my travels in music and theater. I had the need to record some of the songs I composed for the theater, certain fruits of playing with the instrument or some idea from the rich lands of dreams. 

You can find tablature of some of the tunes at

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