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9 tabs (5 hard tabs and 4 expert tabs) and 9 videotabs to help you to play the tunes. 



The B. Smith hit "BABY WON'T YOU PLEASE COME HOME" in 2nd position, 

the Gershwin's song "THE MAN I LOVE" in 1st position,

"SWEET GEORGIA BROWN" in 2nd position,

"TWELVE BARS BLUES Nº13849" in 1st position and

"MON HOMME" in 3rd position sung by E. Piaf and B. Holyday.

These tabs are intended for average beginners and contains bends and a few overbends.



The jazz standard "ALL OF ME" in 12th position,

"GNOSSIENNE Nº1" composed by E. Satie, here in 4th pos,

a twelve bars blues "12 BARS BLUES Nº12748" in 2nd pos, and

the F. Chopin's "Valse de l'adieu" WALTZ IN Ab MAJOR op. 69 nº1 in 1st pos.

These tabs are for advanced players and content bends and overbends.

COMBO HARD EXPERT with 9 tabs (5 hard tabs, 4 expert tabs and the 9 videotabs)

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