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         New album
         "À l'oreille!"

                       “À l’oreille!” is an album of theatrical and flamenco music produced by Stéphane Laidet & Le Petit Comité (Paco Bastida, Pancho Garcia and Joange Torredeflot). First of all, it is an end point to an experience of more than 15 years with the company “El teatro de los sentidos”. These melodies come from the darkness and meaningful silence of their early plays. Some have been performed as far away as Japan! These are themes that I had composed for some of their shows and we chose to record them as they were played, live with the musicians of the company.

It is also the result of what we learned alongside Chico Ocaña, a figure from a modern and playful flamenco like his group “Martires del Compas”.

It is a meeting between the harmonica, the flamenco guitar, the classical guitar and the violin.

"Nino" is a tribute to Nino Rota, the composer of the music for Felini's films and his circus touches.

“Jam Circus” was an associative and somewhat clandestine cultural venue in Barcelona. A meeting of musicians where they gave workshops of flamenco, theater, dance and concerts.

“Manifesto” is an exception on the album. It is the only cover we have done and we have chosen it for its theatrical aspect. It is a tune by Jason Beck (EMI Publishing Ltd) composed for piano that we have adapted for guitar and harmonica and that we play in the video at the Bilbao Philharmonic Society.

"El ultimo baile" is the dance with death. It comes from a play called "Little exercises for good dying"but it is playful.


“El tanguillo de La Rochelle” is a flamenco tanguillo that we played with Paco Bastida. Delicatessen.

"À l'oreille!" Is mixed by Fernando Redondo (Dinky)
and mastered by Yves Roussel.
You can find tablatures of some of these tunes in
Ancla 1
Nuevo disco
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